Dade Music Group is an Atlanta based independent record label and creative collective comprised of Hip Hop artist, Singers, Musicians, Music Producers, Songwriters and Composers. 

Founded in 2018 by Cedric "Ced Wynez" Allen & Antonio Pollock "Da King". Dade Music Group has emerged as one of the premier independent labels operating out of the southern region of the United States. 

Dade Music Group has a solid catalog of albums, music videos, beat production and online content that includes Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop music and everything in between. 

Dade Music Group is helping to launch the careers of newly signed artists and has managed the careers of seasoned artists. As it heads towards 3 year of operations, Dade Music Group continues to focus on helping to tell our artists story through quality music, quality visuals and working with artists whose work ethic, craftsmanship, talent and sounds are superior.



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